the in-between.

We are brought into this Earth and then we leave.

The rest is in-between. And what happens in these in-between moments count. They matter. The culmination of small and big moments make up who we are and teach us who we want to become. We can choose to embrace the moments and give them to the Lord, thanking Him for even the hardest, most painful times. This is what I am choosing to do and this is my space to chronicle this process.

Pain, fear, inadequacy, and anxiety are unfortunately inevitable in this fallen world. But, with the redemption of our sins through the death of Christ and the promise of the Gospel, grace, joy, peace, and love are also inevitable. I am choosing to live with the lens of hope for the good that God promises us, despite the despair that life drops on us. This is a process through many, many moments strung together that make up our individual stories. And they matter and are worth sharing.

I hope you join my processing and learn how to live out the story of the Gospel with me. Welcome.

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