“The Lipstick Gospel” and the Power of Story

Today I want to introduce you to a writer that has encouraged me the past several months. From my experience in reading her words, Stephanie May Wilson is an encourager, a lover of celebrations and life, and a follower of Jesus. I stumbled upon her blog this past summer and spent several nights staying up way too late reading through her posts while consistently thinking, “I’ve felt that way too!”

She shares her story authentically and offers wise advice, especially in regards to relationships and living in Jesus well. I’ve followed her since I discovered her words and today I am so, so excited to share her new ebook, “The Lipstick Gospel”!


“The Lipstick Gospel” is simply a story of how she found Jesus in the unexpected while traveling Europe with friends after a difficult break-up. This story resonated with me, not necessarily because I have the same story, but because through her story I was reminded of God’s incredible faithfulness, grace, and redemption.

I’ve been thinking about stories recently, about how vital they are to our well-being and in our relationships and how we are so inherently drawn to learning about other’s stories. I’m reminded how learning about each other’s stories creates a compassion in us for others and, recently, for me, has been a reminder of how good and faithful our God is.

Stephanie’s story is no exception. Through her honest confessions of discovery and escaping and traveling and learning and healing I was reminded of a simple aspect of the Gospel—how God’s love drives everything. Of how He desires to reconcile with His people and how He can meet us where we are, no matter how far away we think we are from him. This has been an incredibly refreshing truth to dwell in recently as I’ve been wrestling to remember His love and His faithfulness and His ability to fulfill His promises to His people.


“The Lipstick Gospel” chronicles Stephanie’s journey towards this truth as well, not holding back her struggles along the way. I cheered her on as she discovered the goodness of Jesus and in the process, was reminded that the truth of salvation she discovered in the Sistine Chapel is the same truth we need to be reminded of every day, no matter where we are in our faith journey. The honesty of her past validated the need to expose ours in order to let go of it, that sometimes we just need to get away, and that no matter what, the Lord will always meet us where we’re at.

I’m thankful for Stephanie’s story and I hope you will download the book (for FREE!), curl up on the sofa as the temperatures drop this week, and get lost in someone else’s story for a while. Remember that our circumstances are never too much for Jesus and that a life in Jesus, along with hardship and questioning, is also meant to be one of joy and laughter and the celebration of living in true freedom.

Download Stephanie’s book here and check out her website here. I’m so excited to be sharing her with you all and hope you find her words encouraging.

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