you’re where you’re supposed to be

I figured you might need this reminder just as much as I do: you’re where you’re supposed to be.

I don’t know where you’re at in life, but if you’re anywhere like I am, you might be a little confused, kind of anxious, and a tad bit discontent sometimes.

We’re at that time of the year where lots of things are happening to the people around us. Our friends are traveling to exotic places, getting engaged, graduating, and landing jobs. And as we celebrate with our friends who are being presented these incredible opportunities, sometimes when our story doesn’t look the same at that exact moment we start to panic.

Did I miss something? Am I behind?

We start to try harder, micromanage situations and control, control, control because we want our life to look like that one, right now.

So here’s my advice to you (and to myself): stop.

Stop freaking out. Stop trying to control. Stop beating yourself up because you’re not in the same place as the person next to you.

Where you’re at right now is just as worthy as the person who got that job or that ring or that degree because these aren’t the things that define us. Just because where you’re at doesn’t gain a billion likes on social media doesn’t mean that it’s not just as important.

I’ve found myself needing this reminder often. Because when I keep comparing where I’m at to every person around me, I forget that God is doing really good things in my life right now—things I need to celebrate and be proud of because they’re shaping me to be more like Him and that’s always enough.

And right now, they’re the things I need to be focusing on.

So here’s to stopping the comparison game because, man, it really is the thief of joy. Here’s to delving into what needs to be done in my life and celebrating with my friends as they experience exciting milestones.

One thought on “you’re where you’re supposed to be

  1. Written for today!! With the madness of social media; is this how we define our worth by the hits, likes and follows? No of course not so why do so many people hang their popularity on it? Don’t get me wrong, I love social media but I love God more and what he’s doing in me, it’s his acceptance I crave and his love that holds the balance of life. Thank you for such perspective on a live lived now.

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