Tuesday Victories | 6.20

1. Edgar Allan Poe statue- and out comes my English major side. I wrote my senior paper in college over Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher and while I was student teaching, I taught a nonfiction unit and used an article about this statue when it was first put in Boston and I’ve been wanting to see it ever since. That got to happen last weekend and I geeked out so hard. It was the best. 

2. Lobster rolls- People. These things are just incredible. New England rolls lightly toasted, overstuffed with pieces of lobster, and doused in butter. They’re a Maine classic and we’ve made it our goal to eat a many as possible this week from as many places as possible in order to find the best. Ya just can’t get these in Indiana. Wicked good. 

3. Third floor balconies- the house we’re staying in has this balcony-deck area that overlooks the ocean with the fishing boats and Five Islands Lobster Company in full view. In the mornings, Matt and I sit up there and read while listening to the fisherman chattering away and the waves crashing on the shore. It’s a good setup.

4. Old family stories- we’re story-tellers and the best family stories get repeated and embellished often. They are always accompanied with roaring laughter, interruptions, and finishing each other’s sentences. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. The rocky coastline- one aspect that makes the Maine coastline particularly beautiful is the rocky shore. There’s something mesmerizing about watching the waves crash on the rocks over and over again- I can’t get enough. And the sound when the window is open at night going to sleep? Done. 

6. Moxie Soda- man, this stuff is awful, but so far I’ve seen my dad drink it at least one meal a day. I grew up with this classic soda- once used for medicinal purposes- and the after taste is what really makes it something. But it’s been the catalyst for many a family joke and initiation for the new-comers to the family (Matt endured it the first time he visited my parents house- he obviously survived and passed the test), so it’s always present on every trip to Maine where you can actually find it most places. 

So far we’re loving the vacation life and all the time with our family! We’re thankful for the little things that make it the best. What are you celebrating this Tuesday?

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