Tuesday Victories | 7.18

Tuesdays are hard. They’re the sophomores of the week- you’re fully invested but not close to the end yet. Instead of feeling drained and irritated (ask any of my students- Tuesdays are the worst for me..whoops!), here are a few small victories- words, things, and moments- getting me through the week:


1. Brunch- I trekked (not really, I flew) to Denver solo last week to visit some of my very best friends from college and we stayed up too late talking and woke up even later and brunch was a natural consequence from these things. And people, Denver is real good at the brunch game. We lingered for a long time talking more, invited other friends along, and indulged in really good food- duck fat fried potatoes? Apple chicken sausage scramble? Done. It was the best week; I came home with a full stomach and filled soul.

2. Sweet potatoes- and because I’ve been filled to the brim this summer with really good, but mostly unhealthy food, I just started my very first Whole30 yesterday. I’ve known about Whole30 for years and dabbled in it a bit, but I’ve never actually committed to one. So now’s the time. And this week, sweet potatoes are keeping me fueled well. I just started eating them at breakfast and my beginning meal has so far carried me well through my mornings at soccer practice. I also just love sweet potatoes and this Whole30 is challenging me to eat them in more creative ways.

3. That Sounds Fun Podcast- Annie F. Downs is a writer and a speaker who loves Jesus and loves to have fun. She has intentional conversations with her friends, which are a lot of pretty well-known people in the Christian circle, and lets us listen along. I usually listen to her podcasts while working out and I’ve started either laughing or tearing up in the middle of a workout because she’s mastered both humor and well-spoken deep truths. You can find more information about her podcasts and her talks here.


4. This Rifle Paper Co. planner – two weeks from today I will be answering the billions of questions from my honors freshman who want to know all the details about all the things and trying to motivate my sophomores to power through a year a standardized testing. I’m still a little bitter that we’re starting on a Monday instead of a Thursday, but I’m getting past it, I promise. I’ve been spending tons of time getting prepped for the school year and for the beginning of soccer season and in the process I decided to invest in a Rifle Paper Co. planner when it was on sale because it’s both parts pretty and functional. I’ve used many planners in my time as a student and as a teacher and this is my all-time favorite. It’s simple and has checklists for everyday and it keeps me organized- all good things. I just can’t get on board with keeping my schedule on my phone and if you can’t either, check out Rifle’s line of planners. 


5. My Spotify Discover Weekly playlist- Matt and I have traveled a decent amount this summer and Spotify has kept us in good company. Spotify Premium is one of the best investments I make every month and I just love their Discover Weekly playlists, which they put together each week based on my music preferences. While they’re a hit or miss every week, they’ve been a hit this summer and have made for some solid DJ-ing from the passenger seat. Last week’s jam with my friends was “Nancy Mulligan” by Ed Sheeran (I’ll apologize now- it’s been stuck in my head for a week). We listened to it repeatedly as they drove me around the Denver area and now that song will forever remind me of that trip and my friend attempting to Irish Jig in the Goodwill parking lot.

6. Puppies- it’s no secret that I love puppies and am in a season a pretty intense puppy-fever. At soccer practice today, one of our graduated seniors from last year came to visit and brought her 9-week old goldendoodle and it was just the best. He chased after the ball, was adorably sad when people were leaving, and let me spend a few minutes hugging him. Since Tuesdays can be a little rough- especially when they’re humid and filled with long to-do lists, being able to cuddle an adorable puppy certainly made today a bit brighter.

I hope you’re soaking up these summer weeks! What are some of your victories this Tuesday?

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